Eleven days to go…  264 hours until take off! I just cannot wait.  I am so looking forward to being involved in a project that betters others, with a great group of people.  Not only will it be a wonderful experience, but after a grueling semester, and a season of cold, wet weather I don’t think there is anywhere else I’d rather be heading.  Experiencing the vibrancy and spirit that New Orleans is known for will surely rejuvenate me.

Almost six years has passed since Hurricane Katrina, and one year since the BP oil spill and there is still so much that remains to be done.  Luckily, certain U.S. politicians are showing some political will.  Senators David Vitter and Mary Landrieu are urging BP to make an upfront payment so that the restoration of fisheries and marshland can begin now.  Considering that it could take as many as eight to ten years for the legal process, as outlined in the federal oil spill pollution law, to be completed this seems pretty reasonable (Sen. David Vitter, 2011).  I sincerely hope they succeed;  It’s about time that New Orleans received some proactive and long-term political will and attention.

As fisheries are one of the main industries in New Orleans it is crucial to start restoration efforts sooner rather than later, not only for the economic necessity of the state, but also for the many individuals that count on the fisheries for their livelihood.  The necessity of protecting and regenerating the marshlands, as they act as ‘natural buffers’ to hurricanes, is crucial and should be a top priority.  Acting now would be much wiser than biding time until another disaster, man-made or natural, occurs and ravages New Orleans again.

One last thing, Daphne… wow! Thank you so much for sharing that poem.  What a talent you have.

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