Hey everyone!

So we are leaving in basically 9 more days which is insane!

Many people have been asking me if I am excited to go.  My answer is always yes, but honestly I haven’t really had time to think about it because my mindset is focused on exams, but now nola is ALL I ca

n think about.  Especially since receiving Tanya’s email which gave us some more detail on what we will be doing ,I have been so anxious.  I am ready for exams to be done, to pack, and start this great experience.

When people ask me about the trip their main concern is “what can you really do in two weeks, build a door?”  People believe that two weeks is not enough time to build a house.  I actually enjoy hearing people say that so we can prove them wrong!  I cannot even imagine what all of us can accomplish if we work hard and work together. I know that volunteering any amount of time is great and I am so excited to just start already.

I just want to thank everyone once again for helping sell yukyuk tic

kets.  I know most of you guys helped me sell tickets, but you may not know how successful the event really was.  I want to let you know that our goal was just about $1000 and we raised over $900, which is amazing!

I am sure most people have heard about the website stumbleupon.  If not it is basically a website that allows you to randomly visit the world wide web.  Also a great way of procrastinating!  One day I was stumbling and came across this picture that is posted below, along with a small blurb.

The picture was a project that Candy Chang came up with.  It was a side of an abandoned house that was turned into a huge blackboard for people to write any aspirations they might have before they die.  Once the board gets filled it is washed away and new people can right new aspirations.  It was located at 900 Marigny Street.  The first thing I thought when I saw this was that I HAVE to go see it.  I then found out the house was sold and the giant chalkboard is gone.  Candy Chang says that she will make another one around New Orleans.  Hopefully while we’re there I can find it, if its already made.

Everybody has a story and everyone has a dream.  Candy Chang’s goal of this project was to see what matters most to neighbors, and how important public spaces can be, as well as how they can better the community.  I think this picture really impacted me because during a class discussion we talked about how the residents of New Orleans were strong and supported each other during Hurricane Katrina.  I think that this chalkboard wall demonstrates how close the residents are to one another.  It demonstrates that everybody has hopes for the future and willing to share them to the public.  Unfortunately not everyone can fulfill their dreams throughout their lifetime but just being able to share what those dreams to their community and writing it down shows what great, optimistic spirits the residents, and Candy Chang have.

Once again, I can’t wait to see everyone again and began this great journey together.  I met most of you guys not only in class, but we got to know each other some more at Jack Astors.  Here is a picture I took from that night!

See you all soon!

– Julia