Hello Everyone,

I cannot believe how time has just flown by! I am counting down the days to our departure- just 9 days! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to rebuild for deserving people, most of all to learn about Hurricane Katrina- it’s amazing what was kept from us when we watch media coverage of Hurricane Katrina. I am passing on my knowledge, and I am passing on the readings from this course because I feel there is a lot of fact behind them that must be acknowledged by everyone. When I say this I am thinking about the wetlands that are losing about a football field’s length in just forty minutes… and also the levees (Make Levees Not War).

In regards to fundraising, I am absolutely stunned about the amount we have raised! Congratulations everyone! I was given a 500$ donation from Borden Ladner Gervais, which is where my mom works. I also sent the donation letter to local businesses in Georgetown (yep, I live in a small town), none replied though.. However, I did send the letter to my local newspaper as a “Letter to the Editor” and it was published! I can bring it to NOLA if anyone would like to see it! I’m not sure how much that letter raised, but hopefully it contributed.

I am apart of the first group, and we got together last Friday at Jack Astors for a bit of a Pre NOLA ice breaker. Let’s do more ice breakers while we wait for our plane for those of you on the direct flight leaving at 10am?

I think I’ll close here, I must study for my exams (my last one is the 29 >.<)

I look forward to seeing everyone in NOLA in NINE DAYS!!


Sarah Clarke