Well hello!

As I get ready to write my last exam today, I am getting super excited for New Orleans. Not like I wasn’t before or anything, it just seems so much closer after exams are over!!

Our lead up to this trip has been great, everyone worked so hard on getting fundraising ideas going and putting them into action. I am so happy I got to work with quite a few of the ladies in my group with our fundraising, it made me think of how great we will work together when we get down to New Orleans.

Some of the great fundraising events we put together were, grilled cheese sales, bake sales and just asking for/pestering people in our classes to raise some money.

I was lucky enough that a bunch of my family donated, from small or large amounts as well as some of their employers!! I have been so overwhelmed with the amount of generosity and kindness people have displayed throughout this fundraising process.

But now that fundraising is over, I am looking forward to all the great work we will do once we get to New Orleans as well as all the fun activities we have planned! I am soooo excited for the swamp tour, and the food…mmmm the foood!!! I have looked up quite a few places that I would like to check out. As you can tell, I love great food and I have a feeling New Orleans will not disappoint.

Well im off to my exam! Can’t wait to chat more once we get to NOLA!

❤ Judy