I can officially say “Summer”  2011 has begun, with the completion of exams – New Orleans is seeming closer and more of a reality, more than ever before. I cannot express how excited/nervous/excited/nervous I am, especially not through this blogosphere ( something I admit, I’m still getting used to). For the past couple of nights (to my stomachs dismay), I have been dreaming in full detail of caffe latte’s and hot beignets, regardless of the heat, I will be doing my best to consume an inordinate  amount of both of these hot ticket items within the next two weeks. As we are on the topic of caffeine, there is one thing that NOLA crew 1 should know, I’m fully whole heartedly addicted to tea, it’s an issue – its 11:00, and I’ve already had 5 cups of tea..(please note: I woke up at 9:oo), not sure how my body will react, to full days of manual work, “sans” tea – however, maybe I can use the next few weeks as a make shift detoxification ha. Before last night, I was totally confident about flying to Louisiana, a month ago I flew to Copenhagen solo, no issues, but everyone has been sharing horror stories about American customs…officially scared.

Side note, ..a couple months of ago, I missed The Decemberists (Favourite Band of All Time!) show at Sound Academy, ruined the following few weeks after…Convenientley, they are playing this Sunday at the Jazz Fest, safe to say I’m getting tickets.

I’ve attached a video of a song on their latest album – I’m feeling NOLA vibes just listening to it.

See you all VERY soon, xo.