Ok so the first group has already arrived in New Orleans, and I’m more pumped than ever!  Nikkita  and Gabrielle, let me know how it is! So school is officially over, exams are done, group one has arrived, and all this means myself and second group members are only getting closer to our NOLA arrival dates. I know this will be an experience I’ll take with me for the rest of my life..my kids will here about it, and my grand kids, and even my GREAT grand kids.

I’ve been so excited the past couple months that NOLA has incepted itself into my dreams, I thought I was just weird but then I read Becki’s blog and she’s been having dreams about it too, which made me feel a lot better, so thanks Becki :). But yeah so  I remember at our first class Tanya was telling us about the HUGE roaches in New Orleans, and out of all the great things to dream about New Orleans, this one particular aspect decided to crawl into my dream. So the other day I dreamed we were all in our dorms, and out of noooooooo where this army of GINORMOUS roaches just started attacking us, it was actually insane, I called my mom screaming and crying, and then I woke up. So I have to say, this is one dream I do not want to come through. Group one some please blog soon about how wonderful and amazing the dorms are so I can out my mind at rest! LOL!

But on another note one thing I am really looking forward to while I’m down there is the civil rights trip (crossing my fingers it comes together) I was telling my mom about it and she got even more excited for me. I also really want to meet some of the New Orleans residents that we saw in the videos and slideshows from last year’s group.

But I think this blog is getting a little long so I’m gonna wrap it up… group one HAVE FUN, BLOG, AND TAKE A TON OF PICS! And for my fellow group 2 members, get ready we’re only 2 weeks away!!!

Yours truly,

Keisha Mack