On the flight to New Orleans my thoughts were wondering to the mystical land. Whether the stories about New Orleans were mythical and if the reports were accurate. The first week in New Orleans was very overwhelming and filled with extraordinary situations. My first day, at the volunteer work site was at Rebeca’s home where we had to help her with gardening and outside work. Lucky, her dog that was outside, was rescued from a shelter and her patience with her animals was phenomenal. Rebeca had opened up her home with open arms and had gone through the trouble of baking us some goodies as well. She had work in the afternoon but that did not create an excuse for her not bake us a pie. She was very thankful even though as a volunteer I felt as though I could have done more. One aspect of being a volunteer I came across was that no matter how much you work you feel as though it is not good enough. Working at Rebeca’s home was very rewarding and had opened my eyes to another way of viewing the world. To appreciate and be grateful for all the little things. From the amount of time I have spent in the garden I have a realized my growing passion for gardening. We had gotten the chance to work with various organizations like Food Coop and The Green Project.

The swamp tour and Jazz Festival are for sure something that I recommend for people to witness in their lifetime. We had gotten the opportunity to see The Strokes and the band was great live. But the ending of the performance was disappointing because we had finally made it to the front not realizing that it had ended. There were a variety food at the Jazz Festival from alligator pie to mango freezes. The artists are another beauty of New Orleans as there art shouts out their stories. The bright colored houses are all over New Orleans. Residents in New Orleans are very respectful and nice. They will stop and talk to you and love to start a conversation. I was not use to that as you walk into a store someone just sparks a conversation with their Southern accent. The jazz music blares down the streets of Bourbon Street with artwork all around.

I am very thrilled to be taking a course while volunteering in New Orleans. I will for sure continue my volunteer work once I get back to Canada and my passions are being identified through this experience.

That is all for now!