I can now officially say it’s been a week in NOLA and every minute of this experience has been phenomenal. I truly love the fact how the community and people are very friendly and kind. When I first arrived we got settled in and got to meet everyone and got a chance to know each other.
The next day was a real shock to me, the fact that Tanya took us on a city tour and I saw a lot of empty lots and it was sad to still see this being almost six years ago since Hurricane Katrina. It really made me appreciate what I have. After that i had the opportunity to go to the Jazz Festival with some group members, which was a blast and amazing to see John Legend.
Now, to move onto my work week ,I was pleased to be part of the St Bernard Project with 9 other girls. we spent the first day hammering hurricane straps and removing tiles. Then come Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday up until lunch we were all very dedicated and working very hard wire brushing which to me was the most hardest at times. But, we all worked well as a team and we finished step 1 of it. It was rewarding to see all the hearts we drew once had finished all the wire brushing. Then, in the afternoon we pulled nails and cleaned up. I also felt a sense of relief to know that we are working on Samantha’s home(homeowner) and that her house will move into the next phase.
Moving along to Friday, we got to go on a exciting Swamp Tour and the French Quarter in the evening to experience the night life. Now onto Saturday a couple of us went with Tanya and took a road trip to Cajun Country/Lafayette and went to the Craw Fish Festival, all I can say it was such a blast and one of the best road trips I’ve been on. So basically to wrap up: this is a small summary of how busy and fast the week for me here in NOLA has gone. We have a really busy week ahead of us. Bye for now until my next post.