So last week I was thinking that I hope I don’t miss my flight because I don’t even feel like I’m leaving to New Orleans and then some of Group 2 met up at Red Lobster and it definitely started to sink in.

I was lying in bed the next night thinking “OMG! I’m flying alone! I’m doing something so out of the ordinary from my usual routine! What happens if I get lost going to my transfer flight? What happens if my cell phone doesn’t work and Tanya and Pascal can’t find me?! What happens if…” (well… you get the picture)

I also wanted to go over the readings again as I haven’t read them in a while but I got a job as a research assistant and the last thing I want to do is read any more articles after my 8 hour workday!! I was supposed to be flying with a bunch of people but Air Canada switched up all the flights and now I’m all alone 😦 !!!! I guess I will use that time to go over the readings again….
Anyways, even though fear and nervousness is creeping up on me, I know once I’m in NOLA I’ll be having a great time! I’m going to get to experience great life skills, such as, having to survive on my own (kind of), stages of building a house, and how to get along with a group of people I barely know! Woooo. Can’t wait!
I also plan to keep a journal and write everyday, something I’ve never done before, and am really interested to see what kind of self-reflective things I will find out about myself through it. Plus, it’s a great way to never forget all the memories and look back on the experience as I’m sure it will be life changing.

Write to you all next week when I’m finally down there!
Stay tuned….
– Jessica