I am BEYOND excited to get to New Orleans. I am pretty sure that I have annoyed most of my friends with my excitement and blabbing about the trip. I will tell anyone who will listen about it, including a couple of cashiers and a very friendly elderly lady. Since my job does not start till we get back all I have in my life is waiting for this trip. I cannot believe that I leave in 4 Days. I hope the first group is enjoying themselves and wearing lots of sunscreen. Please post pictures and tell us all about your adventures.

On Mother’s Day I decided it would be a grand idea to go for a walk in my grandmother’s forest. As it turned out I got stuck on a log and I thought I broke my ankle. My first thought was oh dear I’m not going to be able to go to New Orleans, my life is over. As it turned out it was just a sprain and already its feeling better.  I’ll be ready for building houses for sure, by Saturday. However this experience has made me really appreciate my legs and the ability to walk, run or sit with my legs crossed.  This, I believe is a preparation for St. Bernard’s; seeing the devastation and hearing the survival stories these people had to go though. I take advantage of the safe home I live in, the roof over my head, the ease of access to food and after the classes, the colour of my skin. It will be a great reality check to go.

I cannot wait to arrive. I am getting more and more excited with each passing day. I am also getting super stoked to meet with the whole second group. Everyone I have met so far seems incredible and reading the blogs only conforms this. I am a wee bit nervous about the check-ins. I am pretty shy when first getting to know people and not much of a feeling sharer. However, after a few days I’m sure I will be bawling with emotion.

Cannot wait to meet everyone!  See you in 4 days in New Orleans!!!!!!