I can honestly say I thought this day would never come. I am scrambling around Stratford trying to get everything ready. It feels like I’m forgetting something, but I swear I have double checked everything three or four times. I guess it’s just the nerves beginning to set in. First time traveling without my parents for more than a few days-i’m a little nervous (if you can’t already tell).

The news has not really helped my nerves either, but it has made me more and more eager to leave. Words can’t even really explain how I am feeling knowing that it was only a few weeks ago that Alabama was hit by the tornado and now the Mississippi River is rising more than in previous years? My dad asked me the other day if I was scared, and I looked at him and said you know-I’m not really scared dad. The only ones I’m scared for are the people who have to go through something like this for the second time (perhaps scared is not the right word but it’s all I got for right now)

In an email that was sent to us today Pascal pointed out that yet again it would be the areas that are less populated with less wealth that would “experience” the flooding. I experienced the same set of emotions that I did during the discussions we had during class even we were talking about the different types of social injustices these people experienced during the Hurricane and perhaps again?- the injustice is sickening. This political analysis has been covered in some of the news coverage that my mom has shown me over the past couple of days. However, I do find it hard to read for some reason. Once again, some feelings that are hard to explain right now but perhaps I can better answer when I have arrived in Nawlins'(First attempt success or fail?)

The next two nights will be difficult-as I’m just too darn excited until saturday morning when that alarm clock goes off at 8:00am (I hope you are ready Olivia) and it’s airport time.¬†Especially after meeting most of the people that are in section 2. I have an amazingly great feeling about all of us working together, I think it will truly be a one of kind experience. I cannot wait to let myself go, dive in head first to whatever i’m asked to do and just go for it! I guess all that’s left to say is..

Good-bye Canada see you in 3 weeks. And hello Nawlins’ ya’ll better be ready..