It is 7:46 pm. It is pouring rain. I am running around like a lunatic trying to make sure im ready for tommorow. And for some reason I decided to shave off my beard.

The time has arrived, at breakneck speed I might add. I have been so busy in the last few weeks that sadly I felt like I didn’t really have time to be excited. Which is likely because I’m a complete stress case and have too much on my mind. Furthermore I recently receieved some unsettling and depressing news. I hate to leave you hanging, but I’d rather not share (kinda personal).

Anyway, I’ve been down in the dumps, busy, feeling like I havent sat still in years. What a way to kick off the summer.

However, two things that make me incredibly happy, are 1. spending time with friends and good people and 2. helping others. (may sound cheesy but its true) For the next two weeks I will be doing those 2 things day in and day out and I think it will bring my spirits back up again, or so I hope.

I’m sure we are all aware of what is happening in the New Orleans area as we speak. Footage of rising waters on the news, headlines of “flooding”  “Mississippi over flowing”. I can only imagine what these pictures and buzzwords must do to the people who suffered through Katrina. Just hearing the word flood after everything they have gone through must send chills down the spine. It is a reminder to everyone that help is needed and hopefully it drives more people to lend a hand.

For those in group 1 I’m sure you had a wonderful experience and hope I’m just as lucky. I have a great respect for all of you and that goes for group 2 as well of course.

Also I did my best to remember as many names as possible from class, as I assume we won’t be toting around our little name tags anymore. But if I cant remember you’re name right away dont be offended.

As I have now finally settled myself down I will now use the time between now and tommorow morning to be excited :).

Looking forward to seeing all of you.


-Jordan T. Ruediger.