Helllllooooo Friends,

I cannot express how excited I am for these upcoming two weeks. I feel like it was just yesterday that I filled out the application for the course, and now I have safely arrived in Louisiana! The journey to NOLA was definitely a rollercoaster as the past few weeks have also been the end of my journey at Ryerson. I would like to share some two key moments through the pre-experience.


Wow! Our group this year was soooo creative with fundraising initiatives – you name it, we did it! …a comedy night, club night, EXTRA special bake sales, a raffle, and the list goes on. My favourite was the griddle cheese and chilli sale held in February. At first I had to ask Mandi if the bread was imported from Italy and the cheese from France because it tasted amazing. The added touch was definitely the fact that the food was prepared and served right on the spot for a great price. Since I am not much of a chilli eater, I couldn’t resist eating THREE sandwiches! The most memorable moment from the fundraising initiatives was receiving a $500 donation of Ryerson’s president Sheldon Levy. Sheldon is always a great supporter of ambitious student projects – so it was no surprise to me that he made such a generous donation.


What time did I complete this task? The answer is 5:35am – Saturday May, 14. What time was my departure flight from Toronto? 9:50am!! Yes I definitely cut it close but there’s something about packing right before I head out on my trip makes me work more efficiently. Despite my initial plan to bring two outfits per day (lol), I managed pack a very a neat and light suitcase without needing a carry-on bag. I guess all those years of folding clothing in retail paid off. The only problem however with bringing a new suitcase to a city you’ve never been before is that you are more inclined to go shopping!


During our last class session we watched clips from the Spike Lee joint, “When the Levees Broke”. The documentary acted as another reminder to me of why this trip will be so amazing. As I was driving through the city and actually got to see houses (similar to the documentary) THAT STILL LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE IN THE SAME CONDITION SINCE KATRINA truly broke my heart. Saying goodbye to my family last night was very difficult but nonetheless Im glad that I made it here safely and will be able to partake in the many activities that have been scheduled! Painting, mold remediation, dry-walling, BRING IT ON! 🙂 My group is slowly trickling in (as I was one of the first people to arrive) and already the experience is looking to be a great one! …till next time…STAY TUNED

 Dance and Dingolay (a.k.a Shakera)