As I sit here in Toronto back from New Orleans, I ‘m thinking time went way too fast. I’m truly missing this trip already.As it has come and gone so fast which provided me with so much. I really got to experience and do things I wanted to do for a while that I was given the opportunity to do in New Orleans such as try craw fish, hold a baby alligator and so forth. As a summary of a couple memorable moments which stick out to mind is;

1- The swamp tour on the air boat

2- A relaxed and incredible sun filled day in Mississippi swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

3- Lafayette/Cajun Country best road trip journey experience ever. Click it or Ticket….

4- Meeting and listening to Tonya Harris was such a highlight as she’s an amazing speaker

5- Favourite food outing the Olive Garden in Alabama!

I could sit here and list more but, I will leave it the one’s I’ve mentioned that come quickly to the top of my mind. Now lets continue, I still can’t believe that this journey has ended. As I’m siting here in tears writing my final blog, I am reflecting back on the one’s who we have touched with our presence and all the hard and well worth volunteer work. I find New Orleans is a great city and is slowly recovering from Hurricane Katrina with us volunteers who come down to help rebuild. As I start to end my blog, I would like to say thanks to all the GROUP 1 members we all worked so well together, key word= TEAMWORK!!! And a special thank you to Tanya and Pascal who without their hard work, dedication, motivation and always being there to support and listen to me/us it would not be the same you guys are amazing professors . Lastly,  Group 2 enjoy your experience in New Orleans and be safe!

Kind regards,

Marina- Christina Papadimitriou