Everything in New Orleans is gorgeous and more inspirational than I could have  EVER imagined.

My adventure began after a long day of travel and a yummy midnight snack at the Waffle House, which I must admit is my new favourite breakfast place.  The next day was spent doing an emotional tour of New Orleans.  During this tour the true devastation sunk  in. It was heart-breaking to see water lines and see the  real buildings that we saw underwater in class and in the newspaper. The situation became very real. The emotions took a turn for the worst when I saw the X’s especially the one with the number 8 spray-painted underneath it meaning that 8 bodies were found in that home. It’s hard to imagine that this was only one home and there were so many others that didn’t make it through the hurricane. The whole tour was life-changing and I feel so much more connected to these people and want to make their lives perfect.

This feeling only expanded today when I went to the Food Co-Op and handed out fliers about the new grocery store to the locals. I can not believe the architecture of the homes and especially how friendly every single New Orleaner has been.  Every time you pass a person they say how ya’ll doing, it makes a person not want to leave. It was really great to see the excitement all of the locals had about the Food Co-op. There hasn’t been a grocery store in the area since the hurricane, making me feel as though I’m doing something really great for the community. I can’t imagine not having a grocery store near by. It is even more difficult for these people because most do not drive since the cost of driving is so high. It really has been a beautiful past couple of days I can not wait to see what the rest of my time here will be.

Night ya’ll