3 days in and its been intense. Biggest moments that have stuck in my head have been seeing the Upper and Lower Nineth Ward of New Orleans. The Lower Nineth ward was dramatically affected by the hurricane and 6 years later there are still so many empty plots in the communities or houses that have yet to be re-built. Seeing the disparities and inequities of re-construction has also been troubling. In the back yards of some houses in the lower nineth are rows of fully built houses for that National Coast Guards, right across from a devastated community; a constant reminder that their community is still not back together yet. It’s crazy to see the differences and imagine where funds have been going towards. We got to see the Brad Pitt houses from the ‘make it right’ campaign, that I believe have been built with good intentions and a structure to weather another storm. But there are still so many communities that have yet to receive that amount of attention. The social housing community of the Upper Nineth ward has just become a ghost town..BUT the housing units have minor damage with a good structure still in place. Surrounded by large metal fences with warning boards from the state, it is more than apparent which communities and groups are not being welcomed back.This week I’ve been working with the St. Bernard Project building this wonderful house for a family and it feels so rewarding. I love my work on the dashboards, and look forward to putting them all up. Next week, pictures!