Hey all!

Its been a great few days here, I currently have about 3 layers of aloe on but hey I asked for a tan. It will become a tan right? *fingers crossed* We have been busy busy running from one place to another and really soaking in the city– New Orleans is amazing! As you all noticed from others posts our group is pretty much the best group there can be which makes everything so fun and work much easier.

I have been working on a bathroom the past two days and I am not going to lie it has been a wicked experience and not to brag but we are all rather awesome at it. I can’t wait to work at the food co-op or the animal shelter and get to speak with the families face-to-face which we haven’t quite gotten with our construction work. It is so satisfying to know that the work we have done on the house although minimal, does make a big impact on creating a home not just a house for the family. Our work will bring this family home to New Orleans and there is no better feeling than that.

I hope to continue to discover this city and especially the people within it, there are wonderful stories everywhere and within everyone, the difficulty lies in spending the time to listen. This experience has brought me closer to understanding what it is I want to do with my future degree (Sociology), making these small differences really reminds me of why I went into the program and is a reminder that the big picture is important however working on the ground with the people is truly the most satisfying aspect of this trip or any work.

Farewell for now.