First of all, hey! to all my family and friends and everyone else reading this.

I’m having a super duper great time and really feel like I’m making a difference.

The first day here, Tanya took us on a city tour especially focusing in on the ruin that Hurricane Katrina caused. Even though she came storming through 5 AND A HALF YEARS AGO, you can still notice things are not quite restored. The first day was really emotional for me especially when Tanya showed us all the empty spaces where houses used to be. I felt so much sadness because it just felt that the city had forgotten its citizens, and simply the HUMAN BEINGS that used to live in those houses. The next feeling I felt was anger because across from these empty spaces was a brand new Louisiana National Guard complex that had been constructed in 8 weeks (I think). How can you rebuild a community without its citizens? Without its families? Without its schools (a lot of the schools here have not opened up again). I hope this angers whoever is reading this as well.

Anyways, the second day I got to volunteer at the food co-op (kind of like a grocery store that’s owned by community members that buy into it). I…WALKED…THE….STREETS…OF….NEW ORLEANS…ALONE…(If you know me, you know this is a huge deal because I’m a wimp). I was handing out flyers in a rather low income area advertising the food co-op. It was a bit disheartening a lot of the buildings were still boarded up and some houses looked like someone was living in it..but when you came closer you could see no one was living there. It was pretty upsetting. What did cheer me up were the lively citizens living in this area! Actually, I have yet to encounter a rude person. I’m always greeted with a “how ya doin’?” by random strangers (Can you imagine doing this in Toronto? People would think you are crazy!)

Today, we helped fill and distribute sandbags in Stevensville! It was awesome. This lady drove us back from her house after we had dropped off the sandbags and she’s like “O wait. Let me get out of my truck. I have to give all y’all a hug!”. That moment was so worth the fact I cannot close my hand right now because my fingers are so sore! (The sandbags were rough)

 Anyways, I am so thrilled to be here and I can’t wait to report back next week.

Talk to y’all later! ❤