Oh wow what an amazing experience it has been so far! I could go on forever typing this blog because so much has occurred in less than a week and it has all been amazing. The weather has been very nice and bearable, I haven’t burnt yet and the feeling is amazinggggggg 😀 I really hope this streak continues. Sunscreen and water is always a must and I never leave the camp without them. I knew this trip was going to be so inspirational but little did I know, inspiration isn’t enough to describe all of what I have heard from people from the big easy.

Oh boy was I nervous on the first day, I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to do but thankfully we had a cool site supervisor. As he taught myself and others, I found myself becoming more and more confident to do the job regardless of what it was. Flooring was the job for me and 2 others and we ensured that we worked as a team and divided up the work fairly and equally. We did this for another day then we heard news from Pascal that they needed people to help with Sandbagging in the city of Stephensville, as soon as he mentioned that we would be helping people who would be directly impacted by the flooding in the Mississippi river,  I knew regardless of how tired or sore i was. I was going to help and do whatever in my power to assist those in need. We met so many interesting people on this trip, everyone has their own stories and hearing them truly made me realize how lucky I am to live in a city that is free of natural disasters, these individuals can choose to leave anytime but they refuse to let mother nature remove them from their homes that they have known for all of their lives. This dedication and courage motivate me each day to give 110% regardless of how tired or sore I am because I know if they can overcome anything and show so much resiliency then so can I. Everyone around me has been so supportive and they make the work we do fun and interesting, this lightheartedness that everyone has make the days go by much faster. We all seem to put work first and partying and having fun second which is great to see because we are all extremely motivated and pick each other up when we are down.

As this week comes to an end, I have loved every second in New Orleans and these memories continue to grow and I expect so many more to come. I wake up every morning knowing that I am here for a reason and I have so much to give to this city, this keeps me going each day as we make our rounds around this great city. Opportunities arise and its up to you to take initiative to fulfill these opportunities, I am going to make the up-most opportunities that I receive during this trip and that will never change.