Well not really… I am actually writing this on Thursday night and delaying posting it until Saturday to avoid clustering the blog with endless posts from all of us here in New Orleans. I reckon that in this post I am just gunna rambol on until I feel that I have had enough. As I am sure you all know we got in pretty late on Saturday. Myself, Jordan, and Cait’s flights got all messed around but we managed to make it here none the less. The following day (the Sunday) we did a city tour with Tanya and got our first real look at what the city is now. It is hard for me to imagine a bustling city (well parish) that would be all around us if the storm had not hit. I have even more trouble imagining the area where I am sitting right now being 9 feet under water (though the water marks are reminding me that I am wrong). Anyways the following day our work week started and I found myself working with a local food coop that is trying to get off the ground. We spent the day cleaning, putting together fliers and then handing out the fliers. It was menial but it is the type of work that simply has to be done (also the organizer of our group of volunteers loved my social justice educational background which was a cool experience. Tuesday was spent working with the Green Project… it was a day of heavy labor which felt great. Wednesday we went down to Stevensville to help fill sandbags. We worked shoulder to shoulder with a chain gang and super Christians (who would not talk to the chain gang…). It was interesting to see and quite an experience… the prisoners were normal good people. To put this frankly (and sorry if I offend anyone), there is something wrong with a society when it’s prisoners make more sense to me as people than many of the structures around them. Today (Thursday) I found myself back at the coop doing similar work as I did before… that’s about it for now. Also I have had quite enough of the super christian thing.