Hey y’all!

It’s almost over and it has been a blast! This week 11 or so of us were at St. Bernard’s Project “mudding” a house for an 89 year old man named Mr. Christie. We got to meet him which really meant a lot and gave us a lot of inspiration to keep on working hard throughout the week (despite the intense humidity). What is mudding, you may ask? It is basically a process of applying plaster on top of tape and drywall. It must be put on at least 2 times, then sanded, then reapplied for a third coat (if you’ve done everything perfectly). Our team leader, Ashley, told us that this process usually takes 3-4 weeks but all of us worked so hard that almost all the mudding was done in 1 WEEK! (Woo, GO TEAM!).

Ashley (our team leader) was another reason why this week was so awesome and another example of why New Orleans houses the best people in the world! She is a 28 year old disabled war veteran and a genuine and caring person. She loved sharing her stories and I loved hearing them. (ahem…She is trying to collect funds and is in the process of applying for a grant that would help start up her not-for-profit business idea enabling New Orleans teens to diversify their friendships…Comment here if you want to help out 😉 )

A final note, on the weekend we headed to Alabama to check out the Civil Rights Museum. So powerful, so moving, so great! We all walked over the Edmund Peetus (?) bridge, where only 45 years ago, more than 25,000 people marched for the right for African-Americans to vote.  On the first day, they were stopped by police and beaten for attempting to speak up! The next day though, they were accompanied by police and marched for four days until they reached Montgomery, Alabama.

Just think about it, only 45 years ago…. and the battle on discrimination for all genders, religions, etc. is not over yet.

That’s all for now!

– Jessica