Two weeks have gone by with a blink of an eye. I can’t believe this trip is almost over.  I will never forget all the amazingly wonderful people I’ve met, from Pastor Randy who shared his inspirational story with us all to Robert Christie – the homeowner of the house we worked on, who lost his house not only in Katrina but in Betsy as well.  Even the employees at Family Dollar have gone above and beyond their job description to accommodate our needs.  Now I know the true meaning of Southern Hospitality, I only wish the world as a whole was as genuinely nice as the people of New Orleans.

I am truly at a loss for words because the experience here has been incredible and almost indescribable.  Working at the St. Bernard Project, animal shelter, the Green Project, and working side-by-side with inmates for a common goal was something I will not soon forget.  I have learned many things on this journey about New Orleans, it’s history, it’s people and about life in general.  If only I could stay longer and continue rebuilding a community.

I have also learned a few things about myself.  I was not planning on making any new friendships on this trip, my sole purpose was coming to rebuild.  But I am so glad I opened up to new people, new experiences and new relationships.  I will take back all I have learned during my stay here and try to educate and inform others about New Orleans and Katrina in hopes that my new story will inspire or motivate change and progress.  This city is extraordinarily beautiful and resilient, there is nowhere to go but up.

I love y’all!