Our two weeks are unfortunately done…*sad face*. I don’t even really know where to begin. This trip has been everything that I wanted it to be and more, but how do you summarize two weeks? The people that I have lived with for the last two weeks are the most amazing, fun, interesting people I have ever had the honor of living with. They have all been so dedicated to our work and at the same time enjoying the culture that is New Orleans. We spent hours helping rebuild and build houses, learning valuable skills that might…might…be used at our houses or the house of a professor (perhaps?).  Aside from the rebuild/build projects we have worked with a number of important organizations like The Green Project, Magnolia School, The Food Co-op, the animal shelter, and Habitat for Humanity (which can be read about in other blogs). I watched as the plague descended upon the camp and still people worked through it, high on decongestant, Family Dollar Day Quill and bags of Halls.

When it was time to whip our hair back and forth…we got whiplash. We partied on Bourbon St with the other tourists and went and fit in with the locals on Frenchman St. We were fortunate enough to go on a swamp tour and tour the Mississippi to research the “rising waters” aboard the Creole Queen. I went to my first actual barber shop and talked local politics while getting a Fleur de Lis and “Who Dat” shaved in my head.


I feel so fortunate to say that I was able to hang out with everyone either one on one or in small enough groups to get to know everyone personally and I truly love everyone. We have gone through so much together good and bad and through so many emotions there is no way I couldn’t love everyone. I am so impressed and inspired by the whole group as well as by Tanya, Pascal and Sarah and when I finally settle back into my life in Toronto I will use this experience to the best of my ability.

…well being kicked off the computer (whew) but I will always remember this trip and the people who changed my life.