A message from my friends Liz McCartney and Zack Rosenberg at the St. Bernard Project:

Dear SBP supporters,

28 days from today it will be 6 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the homes of thousands of families. SBP is committed to continuing our work in the New Orleans area until every family is home. We are also committed to sharing our model and lessons learned in New Orleans with other communities affected by recent disasters. Every day this month you can help SBP ensure that families in communities like Joplin, Mo. and Tuscaloosa, Ala. do not wait as long as the people of New Orleans have to come home again.

Pepsi is awarding a grant of $50,000 for innovative ideas to rebuild the South and we need your help! Some of you may remember our run in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge last year, in which we earned a $250,000 grant from Pepsi. Just through popular vote, we were able to secure this funding to expand our mental health services and continue the work in our successful rebuilding program.

Well, after a year long break, SBP is back in the Pepsi Refresh game! This month we will be competing for a $50,000 grant. If we earn this grant, we plan to begin to replicate the SBP disaster rebuilding model in other communities.

Here’s how you can VOTE:
Goto this link: http://www.refresheverything.com/stbernardproject
Click”Vote” … It will then ask you to create a Pepsi account. (If you have one from last year, you can use it, but you might need to set a newpassword)
Fill in the necessary information and after that is all complete…
Go back to your email (where there should be an email from Pepsi) and confirm your email address
Click the link in your email
Sign in to the Pepsi Refresh site
Go back to this link: http://www.refresheverything.com/stbernardproject
Click VOTE!

You did it! You can vote every day, but thankfully you only have to register once and then each time you go back you just have to sign in and vote.


Destruction in Tuscaloosa, AL. Taken May 2011.