Throughout April and May one of my favourite local expressions “my house is only a couple blocks from the Mississippi” became one of fear. The Mississippi River was rising. New Orleans was expected to flood if the government didn’t authorize the opening of Bonnet Carre, and in particular, Morganza spillways. Luckily both were open and New Orleans experience high water in a few areas but no real flooding. At least, down here. The diversion pushed water into other areas of Louisiana, and the high water generally caused flooding in many places along the Mississippi.

I wanted to gauge the rising of the water and took some photos at the end of my street. Yesterday was the first time I went back to see how much the water had dropped. It was very stunning visually.

Height of water - Mid May 2011


Aug 6 2011 - same spot


Water along the levee at the foot of my street - mid May 2011


View along the levee - Aug 6th 2011