Left home today at 5am Central after packing and repacking all night. I was underweight (not what I expected) so now I suspect I have left critical stuff at home. Ah well, will see what happens.

I flew to Hartford, CT (via DC) and then met up with a few other volunteers at the Avis rental centre. We took two cars and headed off, convoy style to Southbridge MA. The woman, Margaret, that I travelled with is 74 and is on her 51st mission; in 8 years. Yeah, she doesn’t spend much time at home.

She and I are both assigned to Mass Care (shelters/feeding) but when we arrived at the headquarters in Southbridge today we were told that we will probably be shipped off to Vermont tomorrow. Not sure where exactly we will be going but the flooded roads — including three historic, covered bridges that have been washed away — will make it very difficult. We will be making a long detour west, through NY state and then into Vermont.

I found this video showing the types of flooding that occurred in Vermont this weekend.