Welcome to my first Blog!!

Where should I start… My name is Veronica I am a mature student at Ryerson University in my last full semester, majoring in Sociology.  Previously I was at York University but had to take a step back and think about if school (university) was for me.  After working as a cook for some time I will admit I loved it and have a strong passion for cooking but I knew I had to get back into school.  I love where I am right now, I’m finally happy with my schooling, and looking forward to this class impacting my educational career even more.

In the very near future I intend on going to teachers college and possibly after teachers college teaching in another country.

I love to be in the front lines when it comes to helping other people.  I have a very big heart and just can’t seem to stay away J!  As an active member of my church I have volunteered on a number of events and charity fundraising, between food drives, mitten and sock drives and even Operation Christmas Child.

I enjoy traveling and cannot wait to go to New Orleans. I look forward to experiencing the culture, people, food, and especially making the long lasting friendships with those who are taking this journey with me.