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  • Hey Everyone!!!!
  • This is my first blogging experience ever so this is exciting! This was really my only picture that was a solo … I thought it was funny. My name is Alyssa and I am a social work student from Ryerson. I am SO overwhelmingly excited to go to New Orleans and experience it with everyone. 
  •  This is a important trip to me because I want to be able to experience and see the effects of the tragedy with my own eyes and be able to immerse myself into people’s stories and their lives. Also to be able to be a part of the New Orleans culture (food food food!), I love travelling and have new opportunities to try new things so this is going to be great! The images and videos that I have seen are all I’ve ever known about New Orleans and I would like to be able to experience it first hand and be present physically. I am privileged to be a part of this and I think this will be a life changing experience… I will be able to see real tragedy, a new way of experiencing life, and an incredible hands on learning experience. I am so happy that we have gotten started, it feels more real and I CANNOT wait until APRIL 28.. woooo!!!!!