ImageHello bloggers and subscribers,

My name is Alyia Chan. I am a Social Work student from Ryerson Univeristy. I am in my third year and have almost completed my minor degree in politics. I always found our education system constructed learning to a classroom setting. Even coming to university, I am learning about human rights, our changing society, about politics, the government, capitalism, class, race, sexism, globalization…a couple slides and videos and we end it with an exam and call it a credit.

I am taking this course to see the world beyond textbooks and essays. Although I am not traveling to far from home, I learned a little about the socio-political tragedy of New Orleans during my first year of university. I am very interested in how race, location and class construct our social world.

Aside from gaining understanding and knowledge, I hope to give as much as I can to the people of New Orleans. I hope to learn from them, their stories, their lives and bring it all back with me. I hope to share their lives with all I know to spread awareness. I feel this will be the most effective way to change the world we live in.