Hi my name is Thawany Monteiro. I am a third year criminal justice student at Ryerson University. When I found out about this course I knew right away that this would be a perfect opportunity for me to make a difference. I am very passionate about volunteering and have always been involved with it throughout my whole life. Also I have always wanted to travel and experience the great things that the world has to offer. This is why the New Orleans course attracted me so much, because it combined travel and volunteerism together. It’s kind of like a 2 for 1 deal.

After learning about the devastating magnitude hurricane Katrina had on New Orleans it shocked me to realize that after nearly 7 years the city has not fully recuperated from this great tragedy. When it happened it was on the news daily but as time passed it stopped being the topic of conversation. It became out of sight and out of mind. Thanks to this course it has raised awareness on this topic and reminds us that there is still a lot of rebuilding left in New Orleans. Rebuilding of houses, of communities, and of relationships that have been destroyed by the wrath of hurricane Katrina.

I feel very honoured to be able to partake in this course and to get a chance to be actively involved in the rebuilding efforts. I am very excited to experience this trip with a special group of people who are equally passionate about being involved and helping others!