Like many of you, I am new to blogging, so here goes…

A little about me, my name is Jassi (you can call me J though). I am a Fourth Year Sociology student at Ryerson University.  I would like to begin with saying just how excited and completely honored I am to be heading down to New Orleans with all of you!! (Thanks Pascal, and Tanya)

As far as this New Orleans experience goes, I cannot put into words how ecstatic I am to go. Once I found out about the CINT 912 course, I applied immediately! The overwhelming wreckage that New Orleans has suffered is just upsetting. However, it makes me so happy to see how dedicated our group is for such a wonderful cause. I have read/heard about the rich culture of New Orleans and am excited to meet its residents and learn more about their lives before and after Katrina/ BP oil spill.

My passions include: cooking, photography, hiking, camping, reading, and EATING of course! So I can’t wait to sample the food when were down there. I love travelling and have been lucky enough to visit India countless times. Ever since I was younger my family used to travel to India (various regions) every summer to visit family. I was lucky enough to have the chance to experience the culture and language through the few months that we stayed there. During our last few visits to India we had the opportunity to work with local communities on improving the lives of poor Indian families. Not only did I become a more grateful person after seeing the hardships of living there in the summers, but I also learned more about my culture and language. Having such a fortunate experience furthers my desire to explore the world around me and to learn and experience other places and submerge myself into the people and their culture. I hope this trip will do just that.  

Let the countdown begin 80 days to go!!Image