Natalie at the Georgia/Alabama State Line November 2011

Hello gorgeous! I am Natalie Morning, and like many of my toronto2NOLA peers I am new to the “blogosphere”.  I am a fourth year student at Ryerson University who is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology.

I have always had a strong interest in philanthropy and hospitality and hope to one day make non-profit efforts my career.  I love travel, am an avid volunteer and work with children as a Nanny in Toronto.  I currently volunteer for the CALIPER project at SickKids Hospital, the Leading to Reading program at the Toronto Public Library, multiple branches of the Irish Cultural Society of Canada and the 2012 Ryerson Human Rights Watch Film Festival.  I hope to one day get my Master’s degree in the Communication and Culture program at Ryerson.

On a more personal level I am an energetic, lover of music and arts, member of an LGBT family, feminist, vintage fashion bargain hunter, dog enthusiast, literature obsessed 23 year old professional goofball.  I have a passion for equality and human rights and this has only grown stronger during my time at Ryerson.

I am so excited and honored to be a part of the CINT 912 Community Building Experience!  I cannot wait to arrive in New Orleans.  I am a people person and am committed to the idea of making a difference…even if it is one smile at a time.  I am so deeply touched by the braveness and perseverance of the people of New Orleans and I am excited to experience the culture of the city.  I am looking forward to being on a field placement and engaging in more hands on volunteer efforts.  I cannot wait to meet the people of New Orleans and I know that I will learn so much from them.  I am also hoping to learn more about myself through my interactions there.

In typical New Orleans style there is always a silver lining and aside from the more serious and emotional field work I am excited to immerse myself in the music culture, taste new foods, see landscape far outside what I’m used to and make new friends.

My flight is booked…come with me and share the journey!