Having not being given the opportunity to travel much, I must say the anticipation of packing is starting to get to me. Even though I am not a materialistic nor do I need more than a brush to do my hair, chapstick for my face, and sweatpants to be comfy…how do I fit my room into my bag! I mean I wake up and my toothpaste and brush are ready to be used. My towel is nice and dry, and I can grab a fresh one if needed. If I feel the humidity will turn my hair into a frizz ball, I can switch to my “frizz destroyer” shampoo and condition. I guess home is home. I am now realizing how blessed I am to have all the things I need to make me feel comfortable. Having this reality to check, forcing me to get back to the very basics, has allowed me to value what I have. A home I can come to and have everything at reach. I then imagine having my home, my personal things and favourite comfort items disappear in the water. I start to empathize how it must have felt to lose these things that you can maybe never get back.

Although I can’t bring my room, I know that when I come home it will all be there and not lost. Coming home and my home will still be there is something that may not be a guarantee for everyone. I hope in New Orleans I can assist a family to get back to a place where they can come home and have all their special things with them!

Until then… I am determined to not leave my packing until the day before my flight!