Twenty seven days left until we embark on a journey that we will always remember.  For the most of us, this will be the first time going to New Orleans, and therefore, we are full of excitement.  I, for one, am looking forward to experiencing a new city, a new atmosphere.  But more importantly, I am looking forward to working with the class and others from the community to continue restoring what once was, a beautiful city.  

So far, we’ve had the chance to indulge in theory based NOLA news and information regarding Katrina, its aftermath and stories from people that lived through it.  Soon, we’ll have the opportunity to see how it’s all coming together, in the same place that was hit by the hurricane and what is still being done.  To be honest, I don’t think that it will hit me the day that we are traveling, nor will it sink in when we get there.  I think that this experience will have an impact once I’m back in Toronto because it always takes awhile to absorb this kind of experience.  

As the days go by, I await this remarkable trip that will have me thinking and learning every single minute.