After reading the article Race, Place and the Environment in Post-Katrina New Orleans, I learned that there was an insufficient and unjust reaction and recovery to Hurricane Karina in New Orleans. I learned that Hurricane Katrina incident was linked to historical unfair treatment of people based on race. It was so unfortunate to face the fact that the people who felt burdened from Hurricane Katrina were also experienced racism.

Before reading the articleI thought that the black and white people are in equal status in America after the history of slavery. However, after I read the article, I learned that even black people and white people have the same income; they experienced different impacts and recovery after Hurricane Katrina. This article provided more clarification of man-made disaster related to Hurricane Katrina. I felt so upset that black people in New Orleans did not received equal opportunity for housing as white people. There were so many people without homes or trying to live in devastated areas. The inadequate and unfair treatment of the people in New Orleans was an example of man-made disaster. It was manifestation of the racial and class inequality in New Orleans community. All victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster should have equal priority of care and support.

Moreover, I learned that the government system had no enough proper planning and response before and after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. In prevention of a similar incident, there should have additional environmental and social awareness. After reading this article, I think that the government system should have analytic planning strategies to the situation to be prepared. I also realized that all people in the community should involve in the planning and preparation. Everyone should receive equal opportunity in the community. Everyone should allow sharing their own ideas in how to prepare their selves during disaster. For example, there should have housing funding for all the victims. In addition, the government system should have enough funding to build strong barriers between the water areas such as levees and swamp from the land area.