Hey ya’ll!!

I figured I would blog today considering I wrote my first exam today AND I AM THAT MUCH CLOSER TO LEAVING FOR NEW ORLEANS !!!

I would to first of all say thank you to the group and all of our supporters, we did an amazing job fundraising, all of our work really paid off!

I am so excited, like crazy excited to finally cross that US border and be on our way… We have worked so hard and come so far and it is so close now! As I tell others about this amazing experience I am about to embark on they tell me how amazing it will be and the many different things I need/should do once I get to New Orleans… I hope to get to a few of them.

I so NOT ready to go yet, so many things to do … Packing will be a process, but well worth it 🙂

I am fortunate and privileged to be a part of this experience and I can’t wait to spend 2 weeks with some pretty amazing people ! I am looking forward to getting there, taking lots of pictures and really be able to immerse myself into the New Orleans experience !

See everyone on the other side .. (of the border) :):) !!!