With my final essays complete and one final exam to go it’s time to start packing…

Who am I kidding I started packing the day Tanya sent us a packing list.  My suitcase is sitting in my basement and slowly as I remember things to pack I bring them downstairs.

10 DAYS LEFT!!!! I think everyone on my Facebook who are not coming to Nola are sick of my countdown but let’s face it I’m too excited to stop!!

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in a classroom at Ryerson listening to Pascal talk about this experience.  I could not wait to come home and fill out an application for this course and now I can’t wait to get there and start working.  I feel like this will be an amazing experience, between helping the community,  rebuilding, making great new friends and connections with the group I’m going with I just can’t wait. 

Nola has become a part of my everyday conversations with everyone.  I talk about it with all my friends and family.  It has even become part of many discussions at work with my customers.  Some of whom have been to New Orleans and tell me all about their experiences and how much they enjoyed it.  The more I tell people what I am doing and where I am going the more people will be aware of the help that is needed there.  What I saw when I did my bake sale at work as part of our fundraising was that a lot of people don’t know that in New Orleans the community is still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina that happened years ago.  I like the fact that I brought that awareness to them and let them know that things are not back to normal there the community still needs our help.  Once something horrible happens like Hurricane Katrina the media and news personal is on top of it and shows the whole world what has happened, soon after help starts to pour in for the community.  Shortly after things calm down the media leaves and stops reporting on what’s happening there.  With the lack of media presence the rest of the world thinks everything is fine and the community is back to normal when really it is not.

Our job is to go there and help where we are needed and I just can’t wait to get my hands in there and help! 

As for now it’s time to start packing and not leave it last minute!  See you in NOLA!!!!