Well Friday was my last exam of the school year (and the only exam I might add) soit’s probably no surprise that I am in a really great mood! The air feels fresher, the sun seems brighter, and I’m done exams halleluiah, thank the lord! Slowly we are creeping our way up to the big day where we leave our loved ones at home and we venture out into New Orleans. I am not only excited for this experience…I am ecstatic! Never in my life have I gotten the chance to travel with such a large group of people; all of whom are coming to help a seriously worthy cause. It’s kind of crazy how things are turning out because we haven’t even left yet and I already feel like I have known some of these people for a very long time. I thought that once school had finished that I would get to enjoy a little bit of relaxation; I don’t know why I ever thought that was going to happen! I have so many things to do and prepare for this trip like finish packing, okay start packing…and then there are all my friends who want to say goodbye to me before I leave. I’ve never felt more popular and more chaotic in all my life.

            I just know that once I get down there everything will fall into place and I will be able to have a great time. Building a home is something that is quite new to me but I’m not worried about it because I get to work with all of the great people I have met in these past few months. I’m really excited for the little things about this trip, like coming together as a group at the end of the day and talking about what we got to do and what we got to see that afternoon. I’m also looking forward to doing something with my time that actually helps another person. Doing good deeds for others is a concept that seems to be forgotten about sometimes in a big city like Toronto and I will be the first person to admit that I play a role in that. Sometimes the healthiest thing a person can do for themselves is sit back and think about how fortunate their life is and how lucky they are to be here. Not everyone in this world is as fortunate as we are, and when we go down to New Orleans I may look like a hot mess (okay maybe just a mess) but I will remind myself that I am privileged in this experience and that we are all fortunate enough to go through this journey together. With that being said, I am very happy to be going to New Orleans with all of you, and I look forward to sharing some really memorable moments. I hope everyone has a safe flight and a smooth border crossing.

Sincerely, Jesse S.