Even as I was writing the title of my blog I couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t it just fall 2011 and we were all eagerly applying in hopes of going on this trip…and now we are all actually embarking on this adventure in JUST three days?!

Time has such a way of creeping up on you, like exams…hi where did that come for? This semester has been a whirlwind to say the least. I have gotten severely sick more than once over the past couple months, combined with a bunch of personal stuff that all just had to happen at the worst possible times. Every time I would have to get excited about New Orleans something would pop up and get me down. I have been so excited and looking forward to this trip since I found out I was going, I just wasn’t going to let anything ruin it. So amidst all the craziness that was this semester I managed to survive and make to THREE days before we leave.

Perseverance is a perfect word to explain these past couple months, to explain the strength people have to survive. I start thinking about my struggles and my hardships, and then I start thinking about why we are going to New Orleans, all the strong people still fighting, still waiting for what is rightly theirs. The inequalities and injustices that occurred in New Orleans almost seven years ago, that continue to this day, to survive that everyday, that takes such a strong person.

What I am most excited about New Orleans is to see. To see the houses, the lack of houses, the culture, the land, the people, just see it all and breath it in. When I tell people I’m going to New Orleans most are excited, and ones who have been tell me places to go, and the things I should do. It is going to such an experience. When I come back people are going to ask “how was it”? I probably won’t be able to answer them in way that gives the trip justice. It’s going to be good, we will make it good. I can’t believe the next time I blog it will actually be from New Orleans! Well until then!

Keep calm and smile on,


(3THREE3 dayyyys!)