So it’s about two days before the trip, and all I can say is WOWW!

The time for all of us to leave is finally here. I’m shocked at how fast the time has gone by from the first time I made up my mind to go on this trip! Now that majority of the preparations for the trip have been finalized, I finally have the time to think about what I’m about to embark on. Most of us have never visited New Orleans and I feel that we all share the same sense of anticipation, and fear of many unknowns. I seriously don’t know what to expect once I step off of that plane on Saturday!

The past few days have been full of nervous anticipation. How much money do I need? Are there snakes? Alligators? And a million other questions running through my head.

However, I know there will be lifelong friendships created, new culinary experiences In-N- Out and Sonic anyone? And great memories that will be made. And while we are all here for a common purpose, each of us will take away something unique in addition to the shared experiences.  It will definitely be something I will always remember!!!

Despite the tragedy that the city has experienced in the past few years, I think that there is a fun and exciting experience awaiting us in New Orleans!

I hope everyone is ready! See you all Saturday!!! 


Jassi Mundi