Greetings from NOLA!!!!!!

I was full of wonder before embarking on this quest, and so far my expectations have far been exceeded.  My classmates and professors are becoming my friends, and the people of New Orleans my inspiration.

Today I had the privilege of volunteering at The Green Project. TGP strives to develop a culture of creative reuse by building a marketplace for reclaimed materials while cultivating a respect for their value. Their warehouse is full of lumber, windows, lamps, bathtubs, sinks, paint and SO MUCH MORE! It is fueled by donations from the community and run by passionate employees and volunteers. Everyday TGP finds use for approximately SIX TONNES of materials that would otherwise end up in the city dump or on the streets of parish neighbourhoods. They refurbish the donated items and sell them at reduced costs in order for individuals to afford their personal and professional rebuilding projects.

The creativity and resourcefulness elicited by TGP is a common thread I have experienced throughout all of New Orleans. The people of this city are not only resourceful but have been forced to self-sustain themselves in the wake of the storm due to a lack of governmental support. I am constantly overwhelmed by the community vibe that all of the neighbourhoods I have visited evoke. As a non-resident I didn’t expect to be welcomed as graciously as I and my group have been. Gotta love that southern hospitality! I am so excited for the rest of my journey and exceedingly grateful to the individuals that have touched my life thus far.

Hope ya’ll keep on reading our blogs as our escapades continue!