Life is beautiful, ain’t it?


Amidst a cloud of darkness and destruction, a light shines in the city ofNew Orleans. It has been five days since I’ve arrived and these five days have been remarkable and life changing, to say the least. Day one with the St. Bernard Project allowed me to assist in the latter steps of mold remediation. It was a beautiful sunny day spent painting each prepared wood that’s part of the house’s structure with a primer as we listened to jazz music from a battery operated radio.


The following days (Tuesday – Thursday) were spent in another future home, an opportunity house by the SBP. I spent my days caulking, assisting with finishing touches, and mostly, preparing both the front lawn and backyard for grass. As I dug into the sand and dirt with my shovel I couldn’t help but notice the life that was sprouting from the ground. Amazingly, some parts had grass growing deep beneath the sand the Hurricane left behind. Imagine that. Life after death. Healthy green grass beneath sand, rocks, and bricks, living harmoniously with worms and other garden “creatures”.


So isn’t this what life is about? The presence of life after death. When someone you love passes away your first days, months, years without them are spent dealing with their absence. Then one day, something happens. You dig through your day-to-day life, unprepared for what lies ahead of you and then you notice it, as if a light has been guiding you to this treasure. You realize that there is life again. There is light behind the darkness, just as there is air every time we breathe. This is what NOLA has been for me, thus far. Something unexpected, yet something I needed. It is the sun that welcomes me each morning and the air I breathe each day as I listen to jazz music while happily working on someone’s future home…I am alive.  


Thanks for reading,