This past week has been an experience like none other. I have travelled only a handful of times in my life and this is definitely the first time for me travelling in such a large group. Because there were so many awesome times throughout this week I found it harder to write this blog. After thinking about it for a few days I have decided to talk about my amazing trip to Alabama from Friday to Saturday to visit the civil rights memorial. Before we had left, our professor Tanya told us that the drive would be approximately five hours to Alabama and five hours back. This kind of scared me a little because I usually get restless when I am in a car for a long period at once. Thankfully when we started driving it was clear right away that this car ride would not be a boring one. I could not believe how much bonding was able to take place in that car, and how everyone at one point or another opened up to the group. There was a total of nine students who decided to take part in the Alabama civil rights trip and at first I thought it would be better if everyone in the class went; but now that we are back at camp I have to admit that I am really glad just a small amount of us went because most of the people who decided to go were individuals that I had not gotten to know very well. Another reason why a smaller group was beneficial is because we got to hear everybody’s perspectives on how they felt about seeing the civil rights memorial and how the fight for equality has affected all of us. One of the students who went was able to talk about how when they were little they saw such a high level of racial discrimination and how the world today is changed dramatically. We also reflected on how civil rights is a continuing struggle for all people of difference such as skin colour, sexual orientation etc.

The trip to Alabama was not only fun but it was a chance for all of us to take a step back from the lives we are used to and think about how far we have come, as well as how far we still have to go with battling equal rights for all people. When we arrived back at camp late saturday night there was only one expression that could define the trip perfectly “What happens in Alabama, STAYS in Alabama!!!”

Jesse S.