So this blog is mighty overdue, but so much has been going on here I couldn’t pick one thing to write about. This place is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. It sucks that we don’t have more time because there is so much to do. We spent our first week working with the St. Bernard Project and had such a blast. My group had the opportunity to do odd jobs around the house, such as installing doors, caulking, gardening and so much more. This week we are working at different organizations each day: United Saints, New Orleans Food Co-Op, Green Project, Habitat For Humanity, and Bayou Rebirth. It’s crazy how fast time is flying by.

            One thing which has really stood out for me here is the people. Prior to leaving, when I would tell people where I was going, they would warn me about safety, and how the people here are going to try to rob or harm me. I have found the complete opposite. The people here are warm, friendly, and so appreciative of the work we are doing here. Never have I once been in a position where I felt uncomfortable in my surroundings. In fact, we had a birthday in the group last week and that was when I realized how frat they really are. A New Orleans birthday tradition is to pin money to the b-day boy/girl ‘s shirt. When people saw us walking in the streets, they all knew it was her birthday, and complete strangers were pinning money to her. It was amazing! I don’t think that kind of thing would happen back home. It was so cool being a part of that.
            If there is one thing I want to take home for people it would have to be that they know absolutely nothing about New Orleans. It’s such a beautiful place, rich with culture and great people. New Orleans will always hold a very special place in my heart and I know I will back soon.