Hey y’all first blog for me straight from New Orleans, Louisana. We had our last day of work today… final day tomorrow 😦 I am now realizing all of the things I still want to do, but don’t have enough time anymore… This trip has been an amazing and eye opening experience for me. The images and videos we had seen in class have become a reality, I see all the images through my own eyes.I especially see the injustices that exist, specifically with the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

We have heard so many stories of people’s tragic experiences during and after Katrina, but at the same time they are heartwarming and inspiring stories about how a community came together to save each other. 

Driving through some neighbourhoods, especially the Lower Nine was like going into a different world. It was almost as if we had exited New Orleans and seeing a place that was very different from everything else surrounding it. The abandoned lots and empty homes are truly a sight to see through your own eyes. These represent the injustices that people of colour and low to middle income live with. They were not given protection for the storm and were given little aid after the hurricane, and a lot of people are still waiting 7 years later… The thoughts that go rushing through my head were so powerful when going through the neighbourhood. Some of these included visioning families where they homes used to be, and the question that haunts me is where are the people who never came back? And what are their lives like now? The abandoned homes represents missing people and a loss of community. Where are these people now? They have uprooted their entire lives and are displaced from their communities and have lost a place they used to call home and a lot of people who meant most to them. 

A specific and really moving moment for me was when I stepped onto an empty lot with the foundation of the home still there. You could still see the tile from the home in various places and could make a general idea of where the kitchen and bathroom were. When I had stepped on to the area of what I thought was the kitchen I closed my eyes and envisioned a family once there, cooking and eating dinner together. I wondered what their life might be like now, thinking about everything they lost and leaving a place and a community they once called home. To the right of this lot was a beautiful home with people living in it, and to the left was an abandoned home that was unninhabitable. These are common sight in places of New Orleans and seeing them never gets easier and everytime I get thoughts about where are these people now?


There is anger, frustration and so many other emotion that go on because there is little being done for these people. 7 years after the storm and people are still waiting to come back home to New Orleans. Something that seems so simple got mixed together with people’s race, socioeconomic income and so many other pieces of their identity that put that at a lower priority to get into a home. 

Signing out on our last Friday night in NOLA, had an amazing time with amazing people. THANK YOU ALL



Alyssa 🙂