These past two weeks have been pretty eventful and I have learned a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing. It was amazing interacting with the locals and learning about their experience with Hurricane Katrina. I never laughed and cried so much on a trip and I am grateful for going. Last week my group worked on a house that belonged to an older man. We had to install gutters because he wasn’t able to do the work himself. As I was helping install his gutters I realized that his roof was falling apart and would need to be repaired/replaced. I brought this to the attention of the one of the volunteers that was suprising us. He stated that its at least 8-10 grand to replace a roof, and that the owner of the house may not have the money to afford it. It gave me a great sense of despair because the owner of the house was really nice. He came out and afforded us water, and allowed us to use his washroom. Inside of his house was beautifully renovated and you could tell that he took great pride in his house. Seeing his kindness and motivation to rebuild his house slowly but surely, made me realize that there is hope. I looked around me at all the houses that were near the homeowner’s and realized that people everywhere were rebuilding. It was a wonderful to see, hear and feel life returning back into the community. Driving around New Orleans you tend to see a lot of empty lots and boarded up houses. It can make you depressed to look at all of that. However there is rebuilding and people are coming back into the city.